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[TUT] Introduction to Unturned Claning & Steam Groups
« on: May 19, 2016, 09:25:29 am »
How to create a clan in Unturned - Full Guide

  • Prerequisites
  • Steam groups
  • Unturned groups
  • Ingame results
  • Your clan & LW
  • Individual Privacy

Prerequisites - Before you start claning in Unturned
  • You need to register with and download Steam. Assumingly you already have done that.
  • You need to have all your clan members in your Steam friends list.
  • You will have to create a private Steam group for your clan (See next paragraph)

Steam groups - How to create a group for your clan
  • In the Steam Browser, head to your profile (click on your name) and click on 'Create new group'.
  • Alternatively, log in to Steam using your browser and head over to
  • Enter the name for your clan, a clan tag (max 12 characters), and a web url for your group (it's advisable to use the tag as url)
  • Do NOT enter your clan forum/LW clan topic link as group url. This needs to be a Steam group link.
  • Make sure you do not tick the box named 'public group'. Your clan should be kept private, else anyone could enter it at any given time. This can have fatal consequences ingame (see 'Ingame results')
  • Click on create, and you're done.
  • To add clan members to the group, head to your friends list, click on the small arrow next to your clan member's name, hover on 'invite to group' and in the dropdown list choose your clan's Steam group you just created.
Unturned groups - How to get your clan into the game
  • In Unturned, in the main menu, head to Survivors > Group. The game will show a list of all the Steam groups you're a member of.
  • Click on the name of your clan's group to bring it up into the 'Group' field, equipping it as your Unturned group.
  • Get all your clan members to do the same in their game clients.
Ingame results - What is it good for?

Being member of a group has some benefits in Unturned, which are the following:
  • Locked metal items (Doors, Signs, Lockers) which have been placed while being in the group, can be used/opened by any group member.
  • Claim flags placed while being in the group allow any group member to build in their vicinity.
  • Any structure placed while being in the group can be salvaged by any group member.
  • Friendly Fire, group members can't kill each other.
  • Automatically team with your clanmates in Arena matches.
  • The group members can chat in private using the ingame group chat.
  • The group members can see each other's positions on the map.
Your clan & LW - How to connect/advertise your clan here
  • You can open a clan topic in the LW forums in this board: Clans>Discussion
  • Tag them with the abbreviation [UT] for Unturned, so people know from which game you are.
  • If you already have a clan in SA or VC and you are extending to Unturned add UT to your other game tags, e.g. [SA/UT] or [VC/UT].
Individual Privacy - You don't need to share everything

Sometimes you want to place Doors or Lockers your clan mates can't open, or want to build structures your clan mates cannot salvage, or you want clan mates not to build in a specific area. For these cases:
  • Disconnect from the server, and remove the clan group by clicking on it in the Group field in Survivors>Group. It will then be unequipped.
  • Connect again, and place your private items/structures as you like.
  • Do the first step again, but this time equipping the clan's group. Reconnect.

Have fun claning! 8)
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