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*New* Vehicle List, Prices and more!
« on: April 13, 2017, 07:28:56 am »
You could say that this topic here,19289.0.html is outdated.
I thought to create a new topic with more informations about vehicles in LW's VC-MP server.

Vehicle System

The way it works:
  • Players can purchase the vehicle specific model and can then spawn their own using the command !getcar
  • Only 1 vehicle allowed per account.
  • Vehicle colour isn't saved meaning when spawning a vehicle the colour will be randomly generated each time.

Vehicle Commands

  • !buycar - Allows you to buy the vehicle. In order to buy the vehicle you must get/be in the vehicle to use the command to buy the vehicle.
  • !sellcar - Allows you to sell the vehicle that you currently own. Note*: After selling your vehicle you will only receive 50% of the vehicle price.
  • !getcar - Allows you to get the vehicle that you own. You can use this command every 20 seconds.
  • !car - Shows information about the player's vehicle. You could also use this command to check the vehicle name & price.
  • !fix - Allows you to fix your vehicle. Cost: $500

Vehicle List & Prices


Name: Pizza boy     Name: Faggio     Name: Freeway    Name: Angel
Price: $90,000     Price: Not for sale.     Price: $110,000    Price: $110,000

Name: PCJ 600      Name: Sanchez
Price: $370,000     Price: $80,000


Name: Comet     Name: Cheetah     Name: ViceChee    Name: Caddy
Price: $280,000     Price: $325,000     Price: $340,000    Price: $20,000

Name: Washington     Name: Glendale     Name: Mesa Grande    Name: Burrito
Price: $90,000     Price: $70,000     Price: $100,000    Price: $20,000

Name: Firetruck     Name: Idaho     Name: Landstalker    Name: Linerunner
Price: $160,000     Price: $36,000     Price: Not for sale.    Price: $20,000

Name: Perennial     Name: Sentinel     Name: Stinger    Name: Trashmaster
Price: $70,000     Price: $90,000     Price: $230,000    Price: $76,000

Name: Infernus     Name: FBI Washington     Name: Voodoo    Name: Stretch
Price: $400,000     Price: $130,000     Price: $140,000    Price: $100,000

Name: Ambulance     Name: Banshee     Name: Barracks OL    Name: BF Injection
Price: $65,000     Price: $180,000     Price: $45,000    Price: $120,000

Name: Bobcat     Name: Bus     Name: Manana    Name: Mr Whoopee
Price: $60,000     Price: Not for sale     Price: $50,000    Price: $30,000

Name: Police car     Name: Voodoo     Name: Flatbed    Name: Patriot
Price: $105,000     Price: $140,000     Price: $10,000    Price: $70,000

Name: Taxi     Name: Zebra Cab     Name: Oceanic    Name: Love Fist Limo
Price: $87,000     Price: $130,000     Price: $50,000    Price: $160,000

Name: Blista Compact     Name: Coach     Name: Bloodring Banger #1    Name: Deluxo
Price: $70,000     Price: Not for sale.     Price: $72,000    Price: $170,000

Name: Cuban Hermes     Name: Sandking     Name: Phoenix    Name: Walton
Price: $150,000     Price: $90,000     Price: $120,000    Price: $30,000

Name: Kaufman Cab     Name: Sabre     Name: Sabre Turbo    Name: Baggage Handler
Price: $80,000     Price: $60,000     Price: $180,000    Price: $20,000

Name: Sentinel XS     Name: Packer     Name: Admiral    Name: Rancher
Price: $130,000     Price: $71,000     Price: $100,000    Price: $100,000

Name: FBI Rancher     Name: Esperanto     Name: Romero Hearse    Name: Stallion
Price: $220,000     Price: $40,000     Price: $40,000    Price: $40,000

Name: Hotring Racer #1     Hotring Racer #2        
Price: Not for sale.     Price: $500,000         

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Re: *New* Vehicle List, Prices and more!
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Name: Marquis     Name: Predator     Name: Squalo    Name: Tropic
Price: $200,000     Price: $60,000     Price: $30,000    Price: $20,000

Name: Skimmer      
Price: $200,000     


Name: VCN Maverick     Name: Police Maverick     Name: Maverick    Sparrow
Price: $400,000     Price: $600,000     Price: $600,000    Price: Not for sale.


Name: Magic Carpet     Name: Dodo     Name: Hydra   
Price: Not for sale.     Price: $1,000,000     Price: $6,000,000   
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Re: *New* Vehicle List, Prices and more!
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*I don't guarantee that everything is correct, if you see any mistake(either in vehicle names,price or grammer) feel free to pm me so that I can modify the post.