Author Topic: [LWBot] [VIP]=_SyedKahaf_= [Money Cheat][UNBANNED]  (Read 86 times)

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[LWBot] [VIP]=_SyedKahaf_= [Money Cheat][UNBANNED]
« on: July 13, 2018, 11:32:37 am »
Nick used whilst ingame: [VIP]=_SyedKahaf_=
Time and Date that you were banned: Yet
Suspected Reason : system Money cheat LOL  :D
Admin that banned you (if known): MayBe LwBoT

Extra Notes: AgaiN SaMe PrObLeM Banned fOr MoNeY CheaT WhIcH I EarNeD 11M FrOm RaCeS BeaTiNg ReCorDs WhY AgaiN AnD AgaiN I BaNnEd fOr SaMe ReAsOnN. U gUyZ r AdMiN Uu CaN CheCk LoG. Its NoT MoNeY HacK NooB
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Re: [VIP]=_SyedKahaf_=
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