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Would be a waste of time and effort programming
VC-MP Reports / Re: report death Evade
« Last post by RajPut on Today at 01:09:20 pm »
Banned for a day

Thanks for reporting.
VC-MP Reports / report death Evade
« Last post by LOGAN. on Today at 10:27:13 am »
Time and date: Now
Suspected method of cheat/exploit/rule break used: DEATH EVADE

Awesome Race day it gonna be cool

Good luck participants
Best of luck fellas, may the toughest and smartest one win!
Good job,i will participate.  8)
Good luck everybody!  :D

The time of the events and points distribution will be updated shortly.

LWW - Screenshots and Videos / [LWW2018] Screenshots and Videos
« Last post by LW's SA-MP Team on Today at 01:13:40 am »
Littlewhitey's Weeks Videos and Screenshots topic!

This is the place for posting videos and screenshots done by the community for and during this year's LWW!

The Littlewhitey's Weeks is an annual series of events over the course of two weeks on Littlewhitey's SA-MP server with several events each day. Every day has a different theme with which the day's events correspond, for example RW-Day on which there will only be events involving 'running weapons'. Each events will give points which will determine a winner of each day to receive the marquee [LWC] (LW's Champions) tags and lastly the winner of LW's Weeks, the King of LW's, who'll get to wear the famous and fabulous [LWK] tag.

That is awesome. But, when are these events exactly?

All events will happen during the two weeks from the 29th of September to 12th of October. They will start at different times according to each events time table below and will run for 4 to 5 hours each day. This year's events are brought to you by the LW's staff team.

What are the Rules?

During all events of LW's weeks there are some simple rules to follow that will assure a fun game for everyone.

  • Please do not ruin events. Either join the event or leave the participants, areas and lobbies alone.
  • Always follow the instructions by the host and the staff, please be patient and calm your trigger finger.
  • Donator's /setspawn command, house spawnpoints, Camouflages are forbidden for all events, if not explicitly specified.
  • Breaking these simple rules may lead to disqualification, a kick or temporary ban. Also, ofcourse the server rules still apply.

Cool. But what do I get if I Win?

Each events will give points which will determine a winner of each day to receive the marquee [LWC] (LW's Champions) tags and lastly the winner of LW's Weeks, the King of LW's, who'll get to wear the famous and fabulous [LWK] tag, also,
The prizes for the winners will increase depending on how many participants we had over the course of the LWWs.
If the final count is below 20 players: the winner is awarded with $15.
If the final count is above 20 players: the winner is awarded with $30, second place with $15 and third place with $10.

How are the points distributed?

(Coming Soon...)

Events Week 1

Day 1 Saturday
Day 2 Sunday Tue Day 3 Monday We Day 4 Tuesday Thur Day 5 Wednesday Fri Day 6 Thursday Sat Day 7 Friday Sun
Opening Events RW Day Stealth Ops Day San Fierro Day Gangs & Turfs Day Melee Day Racing Day
Rescue Team 1 vs 1 Duels Silent Forest Pier 69 LMS Desert Turf Madness Katana Duels Circuit Races
Follow The Damn Train! 2 vs 2 Duels Hide n' Seek Warehouse Meeting GangNam Challenge Dildo Fights FFA Ordered Races
Triathlon RW Tournament Lost in the Woods Golf Course Anarchy Battle LV Boxing Tournament Drift Races
Cluckin' Challenge LMS RW Ghost Rider Face-Off in Chinatown Biker Gang race Liquor Bar Brawl Air Races
Parachute Competition TDM RW The Hunt Oiled Garage Defeat Golf Wars Sea Races

Events Week 2

Day 8 Saturday
Day 9 Sunday Tue Day 10 Monday We Day 11 Tuesday Thur Day 12 Wednesday Fri Day 13 Thursday Sat Day 14 Friday Sun
WW Day Drive-By Day Country Day Beach Party Special Weapons Day Aviation Day Grand End
1 vs 1 Duels TDM Blueberry Open DM FFA Beach Hunt Minigun Showdown Rustler tournament Left2die
2 vs 2 Duels LMS Fun in the Barn Vortex and Rockets KACC Satchel fun Fleet Battle Duel Arena Backup
WW Tournament DB Tournament Forest Run Sand in the Shoes Grenades in Las Brujas Dodo LMS & TDM Monster vs Chainsaw
LMS WW Vortex Contest Dillimore Robbery Sun Burn Flamethrower LMS Rustler Derby Top spree
TDM RW DB Fight Home Invaders Sun of a Beach Rockets4all Air races Chute + Minigun

Winners of Previous Years

2011: [LWK][JOKER]Matz - 5pts | 2012: [LWK][SWK]Slide - 54pts | 2013: [LWK][JOKER]Bikerr - 39pts | 2014: [LWK]Spitfire- 76pts 2015: [LWK][V]Lofty- 58pts | 2016: [LWK] [InC]Jayce - 51pts | 2017: [LWK][InC]Reni


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