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General / Re: question
« Last post by Spitfire on Today at 01:41:54 pm »
why isn't there skins id 2 and 270 in /myskin?

They move a bit faster than the rest of the skins, so in order to make it fair for everybody else it was decided long ago to remove those along with other fast skins.
VC-MP Server Ban Appeals / Re: [LGN]Bonecracker (Ban Appeal)
« Last post by Tarkan on Today at 12:26:34 pm »  - you can find it under high severity rules in the first post.

Remove all of your .asi mods.
VC-MP Reports / Re: =KF=MAZE^
« Last post by Sk on Today at 12:21:31 pm »
Nickname: =KF=MAZE^
Time and date (if known): 22/6/18
Suspected method of cheat/exploit/rule break used:  probably pressing ALT+TAB or Windows key to evade within combat
Additional information: N/A
Your team mate punched you, and yeah he is right you can't get back so quickly after alt+tab. Let's wait for an admin.
VC-MP Reports / Re: =KF=MAZE^
« Last post by Maze^ on Today at 12:14:03 pm »
Ffs it's not evade nor pause (Alt+tab), its clearly bullet desync due to lag.You should have provide SS of pings.
Although whenever someone do pause they can't get back to the game so fast and the evader body vibrates or become buggy.
VC-MP Server Ban Appeals / [LGN]Bonecracker (Ban Appeal)
« Last post by Bonecracker on Today at 12:09:52 pm »
Nick used whilst ingame: [LGN]Bonecracker
Time and Date that you were banned: today
Suspected Reason (if any): using unlawful mods
IP Address: is that necessary?
PAC ID: 30245
Admin that banned you (if known): Tarkan
Extra notes: I was banned wrongfully because I was never using any mods that gives advantage. Also, I don't remember the last time breaking the rules. Admins are always right and all but Tarkan might be mixed up something...

Yours faithfully, Bonecracker.
VC-MP Reports / Re: ...... / hack
« Last post by Tarkan on Today at 03:13:21 am »
already banned him
VC-MP Reports / ...... / hack
« Last post by cadiz on Today at 01:33:30 am »
Nickname:           ......
Time and date (if known): today
Suspected method of cheat/exploit/rule break used:  hack


Additional information: N/A
General / Re: question
« Last post by Sleep on Today at 01:05:17 am »
Cuz you're perm banned on LVP
General / question
« Last post by Sand on June 22, 2018, 11:59:19 pm »
why isn't there skins id 2 and 270 in /myskin?
General Discussion / Re: Problem with Installation
« Last post by Leart. on June 22, 2018, 10:51:57 pm »
download both 04rel004 and 04rel003 then put them on your VCMP directory, try this if tarkan solution doesn't work for you

Thanks a lot :)
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