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Portal 2
« on: March 07, 2010, 03:18:19 pm »
Some great news from valve:

On March 5th 2010 Valve officially stated that Portal 2 was due for release in the holiday season of 2010. It is speculated , however, that the game will most likely be released on October 17, which is Valve's anniversary, and the day where they release a good portion of  their products.
Game Informer has also announced that Portal 2 would be the cover story for their April issue, and starting on March 8th, and every two days after, new info on Portal will be released to the end of the month.
One detail that has been made official is the inclusion of cooperative gameplay. How the game will exactly work with two characters with their own portals is not known yet, but the co-op mode will have it's own test chambers separate from the single player game, as well as its own two new characters and story. It does not look to change anything in the main story, which would take place in single player mode, but it is unknown if these two separate stories will have any connection to each other.
The GameInformer cover suggests we'll be able to use portals in the outside world.
The GameInformer cover suggests we'll be able to use portals in the outside world.
Single player is said to be much larger than the original game's nineteen test chambers, whether that is based on length or quantity. But it is said that the levels will have the player travelling through areas in Aperature Science that has yet to be seen, along with a set of new puzzles and mechanics. Next month's Game Informer possibly hints at one of those new puzzles (seen on the left).
It's not yet confirmed if Chell will make any appearance in this new game, but new cast of characters will be in the game, with Cave Johnson, the original CEO of Aperature Science, as well as an appearance from GLaDOS. Indeed she is "still alive," but all of these characters have no other details as to what role they will play out.
No other specifc details have been released yet, as well as no other media such as a trailer or screen shots. Though more will be shown as Game Informer reveals tidbits of the new game in the coming days.



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Re: Portal 2
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