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Desert Warfare Event - Progress Chart
« on: April 10, 2012, 10:23:13 am »

EnzoMortelli's Desert Warfare Event - Progress Chart

This is the topic where referees should post the results of the single fights, including a list of the players who took part plus their classes. I will then update them to the following graph, so it's easier for you to follow what happens in the battlefield.

Please keep this topic clean. Everything not related to this topic will be removed.
Please ask question relating the event in the Main Event page or the related topics.
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Re: Desert Warfare Event - Progress Chart
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2012, 06:27:29 pm »
1st day report:

As Dejo, the Leader of the I.R.F., didn't show up, the first turn was given to the well organized G.R.A. under leadership of Hardy.
The I.R.F team has been recruited randomly.
After all, there happened 5 fights.
The GRA first took over Area 69, then the IRF lost The Big Spread Ranch to them, next the GRA was able to conquer Lil' Probe Inn, and after that the IRF lost the fight for the Xoomer Station.
At last the IRF defeated the Area 69 airfield succesfully, which was a special fight, as the IRF was not able to choose any fields according to the rules after they had lost Xoomer.
As they defeated the airfield they are able to hold it as their property, and are now able to choose a new base to proceed.
That means the war isn't over yet and still any party can win!

All ruiners and that have been banned during the event have been unbanned, also everyone who had experienced problems with weapon bans by LWBot.

Progress Chart updated! GF's!


I'd like to thank everyone who took part for the patience and the desire, <3, you were great participants.
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Re: Desert Warfare Event - Progress Chart
« Reply #2 on: May 20, 2012, 09:09:12 pm »
2nd day report:

After we had a unsuccesful try last week we set it off again today,
just spontaneously without further announcement.

The results: 3 fights happened.
At first the GRA under the leadership of Hardy chose Fort Carson,
conquesting to it from Lil' Probe Inn and winning the first fight of the day.
After that, the IRF under the temporary leadership of Zorro
lost their fight at the open Tierra Robada fields.
In return, they could take the Hunter Quarry from the GRA in the last fight.

After that the number of soldiers fell under the minimum ammount of 8.

The event today is leaving IRF with 3 choices for fields to conquest further,
after quickly expanding the GRA can choose from 7 fields currently,
while the overall field count for both armies looks like this:
GRA: 6 fields
IRF: 3 fields

Nice fights today, lots of event rule violations, and epic battles @FC and Tierra Robada.
Seeing sTK's riding shotgun with cars like they often do is sad, as it makes fights less epic,
but is of course allowed, so why not. Some players tho need to learn to be more patient.

All weapon bans by LWbot that happened within these events are resolved.
Progress chart updated.

Ty all for competing, we'll do more of this in the future.


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Re: Desert Warfare Event - Progress Chart
« Reply #3 on: June 24, 2012, 04:43:09 pm »
Ok we did it again :D

This time we did 5 fights.
IRF started, lead by temporary leader Miczi, by attacking Desert Farm, yet they lost the fight.
Next the GRA could conquer Octane Springs, and defend Bayside against IRF in the third round.
After the GRA succesfully took over Toreno's House, they lost the last battle in Las Barrancas to the IRF,
leaving the overall field statistics like this:

GRA - 11 fields
IRF - 4 fields

IRF can now only choose between Big Ear and Lonely Windmill, while
GRA may choose Tierra Robada Energy Substation, Sherman Dam generator hall, Jay's Diner, Big Ear, Regular Tom, Lonely Windmill or Bone Intersection.

We still are in the first phase, everything can still happen.
Thanks to all who were there, great event :D

*progress chart updated.