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[SA] The Guardians
« on: October 01, 2012, 09:45:01 am »
Clan rating agency

Important Notice: The Guardians are currently closed.

The Guardians clan rating agency is a cooperation of LW's top clan leaders and administrative staff members, that has the purpose to increase clan activity on littlewhitey's sa-mp server, improve the quality of claning and inter-clan relationships and help newcomers to either find a clan or found one themselves, grow it and keep it alive. We also intend to keep the traditional competitive playstyle of LW's clans alive, provide general help and guidance to newcomers, and to spread the knowledge and experience about how to really play actively on littlewhitey's.

The idea to The Guardians was born on the 16th of September 2012, shortly before midnight, CEST, by [JOKER]Bikerr, Quickplay and [R]EnzoMortelli. Those three, trying to set something up to increase LW's fading clan's activity, after going through ideas for clan war championships, continous rankings and new script features, finally found it would be a good idea to open a cooperation that would independently guide new players to the traditional playstyle and the game mechanisms on LW's, and help new and old clans increase their activity and find back to a working clan competition with goals worth fighting for. Out of this idea, The Guardians emerged, and were officialy founded today, the 1st of October 2012, by [R]EnzoMortelli and [JOKER]Bikerr. A big thank you to all the helpers that made this possible.

Based on the Continous Gang Championship (CGC), The Agreement, quarter-yearly member activity checks and clan member behaviour, active clans participating in this project will be rated in the four categories power(☼), strength(∑), activity(‼) and behaviour(☺).

(☼) The rating for power simply is the number of territories held in the CGC divided by the clan's position in the CGC. This value is recalculated every time a clan fights in a CGC challenge.

(‼) The rating for activity is simply the number of members at least once active in the past quarter year. This value is recalculated at every quarter yearly activity check day, which is every three months beginning at the 1st of January each year.

(∑) The rating for strength consists of the activity rating divided by the CGC position minus the number of violations of The Agreement's rules. This value is recalculated if the clan's CGC position changes.

(☺) The rating on behaviour is based on secret and/or open observations and discussions between The Guardians' lead-members. This property is not represented by a number, but by a predicate rating. Behaviour may not be rated in some cases, only if necessary or desired. Existing ratings will be revisited every half year. For example, a clan might be rated 'helpful', 'mature', 'rude', and so on.

The only rules The Guardians require the signed clans to follow are:
  • Before a clan can join The Guardians it must have at least 3 active members and must be alive since at least a quarter year.
  • Clanleaders of signed clans will be leadmembers of The Guardians.
  • Signed clans are automatically signed to and have to comply to The Agreement. Violations will result in decreasing strength ratings, negative behaviour ratings or even the exclusion from The Guardians.
  • Clanleaders have to asure that their members at all times follow the rules of littlewhitey's sa-mp server, as written and as practiced, the rules of The Agreement and of The Guardians.
  • You can add your clan's rating to your forum and clan discussion topic, but make sure to keep it up to date! Whenever there might be confusion with ratings, always the rating here in this topic is the valid one.
  • A clan will be removed from the Guardians, if
    • 1) the Guardians lead member of the clan requests the removal,
    • 2) the Guardians lead member leaves the clan, and clan managers fail to name a new Guardian within two weeks,
    • 3) the clan was inactive (activity rating 0) for a full year.


  • [JOKER]Bikerr
  • [R]EnzoMortelli

  • Clanleaders:
    • [B]665
    • [JOKER]Bikerr
    • MoHiT[Dx]
    • [HM]Faye
    • [R]Qwerbeet_rulstler
  • Administrative Commissioner:
    • [Joker]Miczi

  • Board Moderation: [JOKER]Bikerr, [R]EnzoMortelli
  • Quarter Yearly activity checks: [R]EnzoMortelli
  • The Agreement commissioner: [R]EnzoMortelli
  • Rating calculation 1st grade: [R]EnzoMortelli
  • Rating calculation 2nd grade: [R]EnzoMortelli
  • CGC referees: [JOKER]Bikerr, [R]EnzoMortelli

Rated Clans: (☼ power|∑ strength|‼ activity|☺ behaviour)
  • The Brainless
    (☼ 0 |∑ 4.5 |‼ 9 |☺ -not rated- )
    (☼ 0 |∑ 9 |‼ 9 |☺ -not rated- )
  • DeviLxTremOz
    (☼ 0 |∑ 0.6 |‼ 2 |☺ -not rated- )
  • Hardcore Militias
    (☼ 0 |∑ 0.25 |‼ 1 |☺ -not rated- )
  • Rustler-Team
    (☼ 0 |∑ 1.2 |‼ 6 |☺ -not rated- )
If you are new to the server and don't know how things work here, have problems setting up a clan or need help in the game, just feel free to ask anyone of us, we don't bite :D

Sign up your clan today!
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Re: [SA] The Guardians
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Final report
As you may have noticed, this agency has lacked both activity from organisational site as also interest from the clans. This is mainly due to the fact that we missed adapting to the latest 'game changer' in clan business, the permanent gangs. There have been several plans to incorporate the updated features, but they have been disregarded as either not supported by script or ridiculously complicated, costly or over-regulated.
As we did not come to any reasonable conclusion on how to continue the Guardian system, and also are of the opinion, that the impact we brought, even if only little, has accelerated the clan activity by noticable ammounts, i hereby unfortunately announce the Guardians Clan Rating Agency as closed until further notice.

At this point, i would like to thank all members of the agency and this community who helped setting and keeping the Guardians up over the course of over two and a half years. Thanks to the co-founders Bikerr and Quickplay, aswell to Miczi and every Guardian clan leader and their clan members. Thank all of you.

As for the farewell, here is one last rating of the last 3 months:

  • The Brainless
    (☼ 0 |∑ 4.5 -4|‼ 9 -8|☺ -not rated- )
    (☼ 0 |∑ 9 -2|‼ 9 -2|☺ -not rated- )
  • DeviLxTremOz
    (☼ 0 |∑ 0.6 ±0|‼ 2 ±0|☺ -not rated- )
  • Hardcore Militias
    (☼ 0 |∑ 0.25 -0.75|‼ 1 -3|☺ -not rated- )
  • Rustler-Team
    (☼ 0 |∑ 1.2 -0.4|‼ 6 -2|☺ -not rated- )
It seems the Brainless have significantly lost activity, thus both JOKER and Brainless are together on rank one of the most active clans on LWs. Still JOKER stands undefeated as the strongest clan however.

All the Guardian cllan leaders have been removed from the Guardian group. The two moderators still have full access. We are laying the clan business in the hands of the future generations, in the hope that someone someday will be able to revive this organisation with a fitting idea and lead it to full beauty again.

Thanks for all the fun and action! Keep the competition running!