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« on: June 16, 2016, 02:23:45 am »
hi devs i have to talk you today my brother  banned from server by wrong reason any way i dont want disscuss that and me and he playeing from same pc so thats not my mistake that is my brother mistake so why i cant play as admin dided here so if i join server they will also banned me Developers its wrong guys i am old player of your server thats new guys came and became admins now they will not leave us to play is there no respect of old players we are not sad that we are not admins but we want only to play . as they dided here,25559.0.html
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Hello, need any help? pm me

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Re: hello
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2016, 02:46:07 am »

Ban Appeal Rules:

• Please only post regarding your own ban - posting on behalf of someone else who might not know the full story can cause problems, and your post will be deleted.
• Remember that the admin's decision is final and starting to complain in your appeal thread will result in it being locked.
• Please do not post multiple ban appeals. You will be banned from posting in the future. One ban appeal is enough.
• If you aren't the banned person, don't post in the topic.  Only server admins and the banned user may post  Repeated violation of this rule will mean you having your posting rights removed for the ban appeals section.

Remember, posting here does not guarantee that you will be unbanned!

Topic locked if you still doing topics will be banned from posting :)

(if any ADMIN or MANAGER wanna reopen this topic can do it)