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to nicky
« on: June 28, 2016, 07:04:41 pm »
I will give you only ONE chanse, if you continue getting into matters that you do not care about (because in this case you are not affected) I personally will ban for one month at the continued action of spamming and speak for other players to do a unban appeal.

• Please only post regarding your own ban - posting on behalf of someone else who might not know the full story can cause problems, and your post will be deleted.

remember little boy. YOU ARE WARNED!

P.D: Mark. is from Chile, no Ecuador. (on server USA IP)

Pacifico Cable S.A.

all right to [PLAYER]: UNBANNED (

was my error, be happy now

really speaking truth and telling you your mistake is not allowed i will continue speak truth if an admin does wrong decision and now you have confessed that it was your mistake will you remove my warn thanks in advance for removing my warn.