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« on: September 15, 2018, 06:18:24 am »
Nick used whilst ingame: Tiburoncin
Time and Date that you were banned: 9 Months ago...
Suspected Reason (if any):  Usage of Thrild tool and aimlock
IP Address:
PAC ID: i Dont know.
Admin that banned you (if known): SuriAttacker
Extra notes:
Suri i got tired of trying to speak and explain anything here but i will try to get unban bro

I know  I did wrong  using those hacks and I was aware that they could ban me if I used them but I broke the rule and I use them and I have to pay but for me this is already a lot and I learned that using hacks or other advantages it's good luckily everyone in vcmp gave me a chance and they trusted me because I promised them I would not do those idiocies I know I was wrong to evade the bannin here more than 20 times
but I ask you forgiveness of encerio please peinsa in me you can trust me as the others are doing I ask you that I only want to play again in this great server so I did not evade the ban a long time ago
I'm just asking you for a chance it's not much just please trust me and you'll see that it's worth it I miss this server as well as I miss my friends who play here just please give me a chance I'm sorry and I understand that your job is to kill the hackers and cheats but I think I learned and I get another chance to return to this community beforehand thanks.

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Re: Appeal-Tiburoncin
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2018, 08:30:37 pm »
I'm not going to give you a chance, you already know why.
You're permanently banned from the vc-mp server, and therefore not welcome anymore.

Appeal denied.