Author Topic: How to: not get banned! [Server rules]  (Read 3163 times)

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How to: not get banned! [Server rules]
« on: August 09, 2019, 10:52:16 PM »
The following are the rules of the Minecraft server. These are subject to change at any time and additional rules will be most likely added:

- Any sort of hate speech, racism, sexism, discrimination is forbidden.

- Using any offensive skin, username or nickname is not allowed.

- Any sort of cheats, hacks or game modifications is not allowed.

- Advertising or mentioning other MineCraft servers is not allowed.

- Asking or giving information on hacks, cheats or any illegal modifications is not allowed.

- Impersonating any other player or member of the Littlewhitey's Community is not allowed.

- Do not grief or intentionally make someone else’s build look ugly, or build offensive structures.

- When chopping down trees please destroy all wooden blocks so that the tree can despawn and this prevents ugly floating trees all over the world.

- Please do not create floating structures (unless you are building something 'logical' like an airship).

- Do not use a glitch to your advantage, and report any glitches you find.

- Do not beg. Asking nicely once or twice is acceptable.

- If you find anyone breaking any of the above rules, don't mention it on chat. Contact any staff member or take evidence and post a report on forum - on Minecraft section.
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