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[DSS] G3
« on: April 06, 2020, 06:29:01 pm »
Original topic:

It's a VC-MP stunt video we worked on with the DSS crew for the past months, so I am sharing it around.

DSS' original G-series is back after 8 years!

First of all we'd like to thank the VCMP forums - especially Sebastian who did more than making a stunting server for DSS - he is hosting it, adding commands, and being a friend.
Without Sebastian's help this video wouldnt be possible since the tools (save/load, invul vehicles, jetpack etc) that we used in the 0.3z client arent working anymore in the new 0.4 client. He added every possible function and command inside the server, making it as easier to stunt as in SP - save/load like Dannye's SCM, jetpack, possibility to spawn every vehicle (and custom vehicles too), no need to voice-chat or type Go every try - theres a countdown,
and many-many more small stuff that made MP stunting even more fun - the volume of G3's line-up backs this claim up:

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