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About us
We are a team made up of new players entered in the Death Match at the beginning of the year 2019.

Our main objective is to obtain more experience in the game, to be skillful, and above all to play with discipline.

How to Join?
The applications are open to all the public that is willing to support and achieve our goals in the game. Apply now here

Member List
(*)Honorary Members (*)Full Members  (*)Rookie   (*)Trainee   

[SD]MixeR.  (Founder)
[SD]Estafa..^ (Founder)
[SD]Mr.Kenworth..^. (Leader)
[SD]Kawa999 (Leader)
[SD]Blake. (Co-Leader)

[SD]Castiel Zombrero



Total members: 34 members
Total Active members: 19 members
Total Inactive members: 15 members

Discord and forum

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