Author Topic: [VU]RajPut* - biasness or improper handling of an unban appeal  (Read 1305 times)

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[VU]RajPut* - biasness or improper handling of an unban appeal
« on: October 22, 2020, 12:50:56 pm »
Nickname: [VU]RajPut* / any management handling that unban appeal
Time and date (if known): from April 19 to today.
Suspected method of cheat/exploit/rule break used: improper handling of V2X's unban appeal
Additional information: Not here to make any drama but to come straight up facts.

Rajput banned V2X for aimlock then after discussion in ban appeal, a management came up with a conclusion that he will conclude the result in 48 hours

Which unfortunately, for real life activities or something it wasn't concluded and V2X passed his ban time but then Rajput banned V2X for ban evading.
For your kind maths, at 19/04/20 (taking ban appeal as start) the ban starts and then 6 months, you come to 19/10/20 when the ban time is over but yet you come up with a decision by banning him again and then not replying him.

You either come up with a denial or something instead of making the unban appeal hang on the tip of cliff. Then one of my friend comes up with a reply which asks if you come up with reply, he gets forum ban too.

I don't have any hard feelings or else I would've accused Rajput as biased back when V2X was banned. I don't care if Rajput gets any punishment but I want answer about the recent action Rajput did because it proves him nothing but an ' biased, one sided blockhead (again no hard feelings)'.

I hope this report doesn't get ignored like V2X's unban appeal because everyone have their own right to play and you can't take them away from an innocent or 'already had their punishment' guy for a 'dull than a plonker's future' reason.