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[ENG] Server Rules
« on: March 03, 2008, 11:17:27 PM »
littlewhitey's SA-MP Server

An admin's decision is final, a moderators is almost final. Complaining is unlikely to change either's point of view.
Should you see anyone not following these rules, you should alert an admin immediately by using /report <id> <reason>.
e.g. "/report 15 fighting inside bank

Server Rules

Common Sense
First and foremost, common sense should be used at all times on littlewhitey's SA-MP Server.  If you know, believe or even have a suspicion something you are doing is wrong and could get you punished then you should not be doing it - if in doubt, contact a member of the team for more information.

No language which could be considered racist may be used at all, in private or in public chat. This includes joining with a racist name - Claiming a racist comment is a "joke" does not help your case if your banned for this.

Excessive Flaming
Excessive abuse to another player or group of players in general chat, private messages, gang chat and anywhere else is not allowed

Ban Evasion
Any attempt to evade your ban could result in a permanent ban. If you have received no official word that you have been unbanned, then you are still banned. If you have a brother or a friend who play on the same IP as you they are not allowed to play either.

Withholding Information about Ban Evaders
If you know that someone is ban evading, and you fail to tell admins about this you may be banned as you were helping them to ban evade.

Game Exploits & Bug Abuse
Includes bug abuse, you may not use any of the games bugs to your advantage. If you don't know what these are it's unlikely you'll do them by accident however if you are unsure about any of these, ask an admin before using them. Currently allowed bugs are cbug, switching and bicycle bunnyhop.

All forms of cheats are disallowed. This includes any modifications to the game other than texture mods and obviously Sa-mp itself. Note: If you are caught cheating you are banned for life - uninstalling cheats after your caught wont get you back on the server

Quitting to avoid death
Using the /q command to avoid getting killed is not allowed.

This is the admin spawn point on top of Caligulas. It has vehicles that are ADMIN ONLY so leave it alone as it will count as spawn camping and we will hurt you alot. Action: You will die alot or randomly get dropped off the roof.

You may not pause the game to abuse, other than for looking at the map for short periods of time, if you constantly pause you may be banned.

You should not give details of any other server in main chat. You may give out details in private chat though.

Typing a large amount of garbage text or repeating yourself excessively isn't allowed - This is in General chat, private messages AND command spam, none of which are allowed.

During the Race
You may not shoot, ram or jack racers on the race start point, however you may do it after the race has started. Getting into someone vehicle as a passenger without his permission is also disallowed.

Using the /ME Command
'/Me' should be used for talking in the third person only (e.g. /me waves! - LnX waves!) and applies to similar restrictions as spam.

Players are only allowed to own up to one house and not more. Buying multiple houses will result in the loss of thereof with no money refunds. Insisting on doing so can result in a bigger punishment.

Disclaimer: All admins reserve the right to alter, add or completely rewrite these rules at any point, with or without notice to any third, second, or indeed, first party. In addition to this, moderators have the right to colourfully interpret the aforementioned rules.  Anything said by Management or Administrators via in-game communication methods takes immediate precident over any and all rules laid down elsewhere.  Batteries not included.
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Re: [ENG] Server Rules
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2009, 09:37:58 PM »

What is switching?
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Re: [ENG] Server Rules
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What is Cbug?

Find out yourself  :)
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