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« on: August 04, 2009, 09:37:19 am »
          play it as an event
The survivor has to run to the finish point without destroying his car completelywhile all others have to stop him before reaching the finishpoint by ramming his car,so his car must be comletely destroyed
create a gang. one person will act as a survivor and will deposit 100k
anyone wants to join have to give to deposit 20k in gang account

If a survivor reaches his destination he will get all the money from gang account
if the survivor car is wrecked,everyone will get his money back[equilly distibuted]
1   if anyone [except survivor] gets out of the car he will be disqualified and in case of survivor he will comletely loose
2   survivor must use a poor family car like elegy,uranus,taxi and voodo
3   others can use any car
4   planes,heli,bikes,truck,buses are disallowed for all
5   at start point all the cars should remain behind the survivor car
6   survivor car starts running 5s before the other cars
7   your car will be permanent throughout the competition.YOU CANNOT GET OUT OF THE CAR
8   Tuning is allowed
9   no weapons are allowed
10 the least number of other cars must be five

                    tell me when you want to play

      this event will be played after 33 hours of this 04:37:44 pm 4 august
               03:00am on 6 august             forum time


reply, ill add your name
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