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The List of Shame
« on: May 24, 2016, 11:12:47 PM »
Here is a list of all players that have been PERMANENTLY banned from Littlewhitey's vc-mp server. These players have been banned due to serious offenses and are not welcome back into the community and should be reported to staff if they are suspected to be playing on the server.

For3 / Haris / PutapoOoOo (banned by: Hanney) - Repeatedly banned on the server for a total of 16 times: infringements range from: speed hacks, map mods, spamming, mute evasion, death evading, helikilling, team griefing/killing, exploiting bugs, event disruption, spamming the forum, insulting staff and threatening to cause harm to the server.

PROMESUT / MESUT (banned by: Tarkan) - Banned on the server numerous times, most commonly for death evading. Proceeded to evade his death, insult and harass players, tends to even go and mock some religions and has no good intentions for our community.

[SS]Fredd /[SS]Rilex (banned by: Noori)  - Involved in many rule breaking activities and got caught using wall hacks ,Despite being well aware of the rules ,he used hacks and death evaded many times .

[RR]Lancer (banned by: Riders) - Repeatedly banned for using different kind of hacks and he loves to evade all his bans.

OTMAN (banned by: NikY.Wolf / ValaK): - constant ban evasion

*GOD*/*YOURFUCK*/*JESUS* (banned by: Tarkan): - Harassing players, insulting on various occasions on some delicate matters within this community, evading his bans numerous times afterwards.

bninin/megaldon/ciman/har1s/atlanta (banned by: PunkNoodle) - Constant ban evasion

Replace_Eternity (Banned by: NikY.Wolf) - Constant rule breaker HP / speed / wall hacks

Some prick supposedly from Russia with cussing nicks (banned by: PunkNoodle) - Cheats/Impersonation and eternal ban evasion

Maraabu_155 - Constant hacking and ban evading

PK.Axact* (banned by: RajPut) - Breaching into accounts and constant ban evading

Diva - repeat racism, abusing staff on forum with racism, joining whilst banned with racist nicknames, repeat offenses, general all around no brainer.

VCTaxiDriver - Was previously permanently banned for hacking but was unbanned by management and given another chance but was then caught hacking again.

Jam. (banned by: RajPut) - Constant death and ban evading.

=KT=Tasin (banned by: stubborn) - Constant ban evasion.

nanik (banned by: Halchter) - Constant racism, death evades, insulting staff and ban evade.

GooD123 (banned by: Halchter) - Hacking, death evading and constant ban evasion.

BOOMBO (banned by: Halchter) - Repeated hacks usage and ban evasion.

P4P4 (banned by: Alpays) - Using hacks and evading bans.

TLF.Massacre (banned by: Alpays) - Constant ban evading and unauthorized access to accounts.

If you're on this list... shame on you!

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Re: The List of Shame
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2018, 08:20:18 PM »
While I can't be arsed to deal with ban appeals from certain players, I'm going to do it this way.
The following players on the list are not welcome anymore to Littlewhitey's VC-MP server due to various reasons such as continuous ban evasion, distribution of hacks, continuous use of any modification/third party tool to gain advantage over other players, attack on server resources and for breaking other rules that falls under the category "High Severity Rules" and "Medium Severity Rules"(depends on how many times the rule was broken).

List of the players name :
  • vito
  • Zool
  • [ON]HunTinG
  • Sheep
  • Bninin
  • santiago15_pro
  • R4_Yi.^
  • Kokine
  • Burak68
  • Vegito
  • Gogeta
  • ReX_The_GreaT
  • 4ch
  • Mega^Mind
  • Casper
  • RK_R.Amir
  • **t_erroris_t**
  • *DA3sh*
  • Zaim
  • Alecu
  • [f]*chandio^
  • MaraAbu
  • Diva
  • VCTaxiDriver
  • Puria
  • Jam.
  • =KT=Tasin
  • nanik
  • GooD123

    If you see your name on the list please don't bother making an appeal, because we're NOT going to accept it under any circumstances. So stop wasting your time and that of the staff members.
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