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Profile Awards!
« on: November 19, 2020, 07:31:06 PM »

I've updated and re-enabled the ProfileAward mod. All players who are listed in either [SA-MP] Awards Index or [VC-MP] Awards Index as award winners can now choose which award they would like show on their forum profile.

If you have more than one award you can select your favorite to appear in your profile by going to Profile -> Show My Awards and selecting on the award that you would like to showcase.


At the moment only one award can be displayed, this may change later.

The example above is using the LW Beta Forum Theme if you are using the default forum theme it will look different but is the exact same in terms of selecting your favorite award.

I have added awards to the players who I can find on the list. Some users may have changed nicknames and are missing awards or don't have a forum account anymore.

If you are missing an award on your profile, please PM me directly on the forum or contact me on Discord and will add you.

I have just started doing the SA-MP awards - all SA-MP winners should receive their award(s) within the next few days.

You can view all possible awards here: Show Available Awards (this list is not complete, many of the SA-MP awards are currently missing, see above)

It would be very difficult to add every single member of a clan to the award list as a result this award will only be awarded to the clan owners - clan owners of the Clan of the Year award will need to request this award by contacting me directly.

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