Author Topic: !rules command must be shown in the beginning.  (Read 451 times)

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!rules command must be shown in the beginning.
« on: September 05, 2020, 05:31:04 PM »
I think that command should be definitely added in the beginning. Cause for example a hacker uses hack. Either he/she doesn't know the rules, command and (maybe)has no time to look at or uses them deliberately. Some of them may not know the rules. I had faced that event recently. But after he understood his mistake, it was late for him and banned. We might sometimes forget the rules, too. That would be reminder. Secondly newbies or bot players. Neither they don't know the rules nor they write something in the chat. So if that command might be added in the beginning, that encourages newbies and hackers(some of them know but there are also those who do not know) to write and the usage of hack rate will decrease

Here it is :

Connecting to
Connection success. Loading server info...
xxx  connected. <*
*** xxxxx is connecting from xxxxxx.
You are now logged into your PAC account (PAC:00000).
>> Any name changes can be done via the community website, this will automatically transfer your stats etc..
Welcome to littlewhitey's v2.1! (C++)
Your color is your team - do not kill people that are the same color as you.
The following isn't allowed: Advertising other servers, Trainers, Game-modifications, Racism, Spamming, Drivebying, Helikilling, Spawn-Killing, Glitching, Teamkilling and Stats Padding.
Read the full list of rules on the forum!,17633.0.html

Also if !commands may be added, that would be better

!cd, !hp, !spree, !cash, !rules, !irc, !forum, !discord, !donate, !stats, !heal, !fix
!loc, !car, !bank, !deposit, !withdraw, !wep, !buycar, !sellcar, !getcar, /lang, /stats, /loc

Inspired by that source :,34628.0.html
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