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ban appeal - nanik
« on: May 18, 2023, 10:27:19 PM »
Nick used whilst ingame:
Time and Date that you were banned: 19.5.2023
Suspected Reason (if any): abuse of power (alpays)
IP Address: idk
PAC ID: 64954
Admin that banned you (if known): alpays
Extra notes: hello, i've occasionally been playing in this server for almost 2 years and i've been tired of this guy. whenever he notices me he bans my account without any valid reason. because of this abusing behaviour, i try to join server creating certain nicknames. alpay is so spiteful that now he insults me in the reason part in my native language, turkish lol. stop embarrassing yourself for such an old game and man up honey


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Re: ban appeal - nanik
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2023, 09:23:03 AM »
whenever he notices me he bans my account without any valid reason.

because you do have a permanent ban here and it's not even me who made that decision, it's kinda my job to apply the ban again whenever you try to play under an alias

nanik (banned by: Halchter) - Constant racism, death evades, insulting staff and ban evade.

Even though i don't really think you caused lot of problems unlike the other people in this list of perma banned players, you've been nothing but annoying over the short time you've played and ended up being permanently banned quickly, and you were recently ban evading using aliases so i won't really consider this ban appeal
"old games don't stop being good" -p4t, 2020