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Please keep these steps in mind when reporting cheaters.

1- DO NOT start freaking out and yell " OMG CHEATER HERE". It will just alert the cheater that they have been detected and may just turn off thier trainer or whatever cheats they are using or leave the server without admins checking them out. Keep calm and properly report them.

2- DO NOT just put "hacker" or "cheater" in the report. Please put what cheats they are using so we know what to look for.

3- DO NOT spam reports. One is enough. If there is an admin around we will see it. Spamming of any kind is against the rules and could result in you getting kicked or even temporarily banned.

4- DO NOT false report. We don't like wasting the time it takes to check out reported players. Be absolutely sure the person you suspect of cheating is actually doing so. Keep in mind extreme lag may make it seem like someone is invincible.

More to come as we decide what annoys us the most. :p

5 - If there is no admin to help you out immediately then stay calm and try collecting a piece of evidence [video / screenshot / chat logs] by yourself.
By doing this you can contribute to Report a player - RustySpoon v2 topic afterwards [CLICK]. If your report is valid and clear then you can be 100% sure the rule breaker gets punished.

6- After reporting, please don't bug admins saying "HEY ADMIN SEE MY REPORT? DID YOU SEE IT? LOOK I MADE A REPORT! LOOK AT IT! DID YOU SEE IT? SEE THE REPORT? LOOK PLEASE!" If you made a report, and we're in IRC, we will have seen it since it alerts us to it.

7- Don't expect admins to be sitting there monitoring IRC and the echo all the time. We do other things too while on our pc's or devices. If you report someone and we don't react right away, it's not because we're ignoring you, it could be we're busy doing something else. Just report and carry on playing.

8. When an admin joins the server from IRC to respond to a report of a cheater/hacker do not spam the admins name over and over as soon as they join as you may blow the admins cover alerting the cheater to turn off the hack. Instead, if you need to message the admin private message them after they join.


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