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The way it works:

Rather than actually purchasing the vehicle itself players are now purchasing that vehicles specific model and can then spawn their own using '!getcar'.

Command changes:

- Removed the following commands:
   - tradecar
   - accept
   - reject
   - tradeinfo
   - forsale

Other changes:

The 1 vehicle per IP rule is now obsolete.
The 'Sunshine Autos' bidding sub-forum is now also obsolete.


You are still only allowed 1 vehicle per account.
Vehicle colour isn't saved meaning when spawning a vehicle the colour will be randomly generated each time.

- AdTec_224

You actually mean for instance if 2 people have 500k, and both want to buy a same Vehicle, they both can purchase that specific vehicle ?

Edit: Just checked the new system in game, this is actually gonna rock!! Thumbs up developers (Y)

This is absolutely great system


great system... but perm-black cars are not perm-black anymore when !getcar'd ;(


--- Quote from: krystianoo on May 31, 2015, 08:39:48 AM ---great system... but perm-black cars are not perm-black anymore when !getcar'd ;(

--- End quote ---
those more personal features could be updated in the future, but as for now everybody saay hooray for adtec


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