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[IMPORTANT] BUGs on Littlewhitey's.



A comprehensive list of allowed and disallowed bugs.
I recommend you read this update to the rules first before reading this thread.

-    As many reports have been flowing in concerning bugs being abused we are making this thread to officially inform all players which bugs are strictly not allowed and which are allowed on Littlewhitey's SA-MP server.
-    We hope that any confusion or misconceptions will be resolved by this thread.
-    If you see a player abusing one of these bugs, please use /re or /report and NEVER indicate to him if he has done it or not because if you do tell him then he will stop doing it.
-    Players not respecting these guidelines will be exiled from LW's.

Fake car entry:In other word, cancelling your entry into a vehicle of any sort (cars, motorbikes, bicycles, boats, airplanes ...) is not allowed under any circumstances.Click here for the video.

Casino gambling vulnerability:
As a player is gambling in any casino, he is vulnerable to melee attacks eventhough he isn't to weapon bullets. Using any form of weapons or fists to damage the player who is gambling is not allowed under any circumstances.
Players are allowed to keep getting into a gambling table over and over again while he is being attacked.
Players are not allowed to run over to a gambling table while being attacked then use /q or exit the game.

Click here for the video.

2 shot:
Most of you know that switching weapons does fill your ammo therefore skipping the reload animation.
It is also not allowed to do this even if it's once every hour.
We have noticed that when players are dueling or fighting and are about to die, they start 2shoting in order to not die as easily. Don't do that.

Click here for the video.

G-bug abusing:Invulnerability caused by using the passenger to shoot while there is no driver is strictly not allowed.

Click here for the video.

Sawn-off spray when exiting vehicle / Sawn-off spray when switching:

This has been on the rise for the past couple of weeks and many players have asked us if this is allowed or not.
It is not allowed to use this bug at any moment.This bug gives a considerable advantage to the player who is abusing it.

Click here for the video.Click here for the video.Click here for the video.

Bunny Hop:Using bunny hops on bikes is allowed.

CBUG:CBug is allowed with any and every weapon.

Switching weapons to refill the ammo for the previous weapon:It is allowed, with the restriction of course of the SAWN-OFF.

Property Checkpoint Kills:As stated by Enzo in his thread, this IS ALLOWED.
You know that red checkpoint you use to buy the property ? If the chicken you're trying to kill runs over to the PROPERTY checkpoint you are able to use a bat, melee or fists to kill the damn chicken.
Click here for the video.

Litefoot/Sliding bugs:Both bugs are allowed.

Insta jump death:Sometimes when you jump on an object and instantly die...

I invite any staff member to edit or modify this thread in the chance that I missed some elements.


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