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Level System Unlock-able Item list


Here are the list of all the special shop items. I will not disclose the levels that these are unlocked because I am going to tweak the leveling system and the current required levels may change. However, once the changes are in place, the new levels required to unlock will be revealed.

* Hit Sound - Makes a sound when you damage an enemy.
* HOP HOP HOP!!! - Grants your vehicle with the ability to jump!
* Hit Marker - An X marker will be shown on your screen when you hit a player or vehicle. (white = player hit, gray = vehicle hit, red = player killed)
* The Truth's Mothership - Places you in the Truth's Mothership with 2000HP.
* Stuntvan! - Places you in a Stuntvan!
* RC Raider - Places you in a mini helicopter.
* Nitrous (+25% Power) x 10 - Upgrades your vehicle by adding nitrous that will multiply your speed by 1.25 when activated. (Quantity: 10)
* Predator - Places you in a police boat that shoots M4 ammo with 3500HP. 
* Hidden Blip - Hides your blip on the minimap. Costs $1000/sec taken directly from your bank account. 
* Armored Dumper - Places you in a Dumper with 5000HP. (Useful for friends to hop in the back and shoot people while using the Dumper as cover.) 
* Instant Helicopter Takeoff - Take off instantly when you enter a helicopter. 
* Nitrous (+50% Power) x 5 - Upgrades your vehicle by adding nitrous that will multiply your speed by 1.5 when activated. (Quantity: 5) 
* Death Explosion 1.5 - A slightly stronger death explosion than DE 1.0. 
* Player Color Change - Allows you to change your player color by inputting the color in hex format {RRGGBB}. Values range between 0-9 and A-F with 0 being the lowest and F being the highest. Values in R represent Red Intensity, G = Green Intensity and B = Blue Intensity. (Example: 5C00F9 = purple color with a stronger blue, weaker red and no green) 
* Medkit x 3 - Allows you to spawn a health pickup to fully restore your health. (Quantity: 3) 
* Anti-Runner Cage x 3 - Allows you to spawn fences that will surround you. Making it difficult for anyone trapped with you to escape their demise. (Quantity: 3, Length: 1 minute) 
* Vehicle Armor - Provides your vehicle with an additional 1000HP. Can be purchased consecutively but expensive!  
* Death Explosion 2.0 - A slightly stronger version of DE 1.5. (Cost: $200,000 for each use directly subtracted from your bank account.) 
* Nitrous (+100% Power) x 3 - Upgrades your vehicle by adding nitrous that will multiply your speed by 2.0 when activated. (Quantity: 3) 
* Self-Repairing Tires - Repairs your vehicle's tires when they are popped. Ability does not transfer to another vehicle. 
* RC Baron - Places you in a mini plane that rapidly shoots M4 ammo shredding anything in its path. 
* Hidden Nametag* - Hides your name tag , HP and armor from other players. 
* C4 Explosive x 2* - Lethal remote explosive that will devastate anything within its vicinity. (Quantity: 2) 
* Nanomachines* - Slowly recovers your HP over time as long as you aren't taking any damage. 
* = Currently in development and are not functioning at this time. They're too high of a level for you to reach, for now.
Keep in mind, prices for these items are directly proportional to their power.

Instant heli takeoff and name color - once u buy them, can u use them once or the whole session many times?

Instant helicopter take off is used during the whole session and Player Color Change you have to pay to change your color again. I suggest looking up the hex code online so you can determine what color you want before buying.

Can u add an instand blwerwert to the special item shop? :'(


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