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For the people who have been noticing account-related anomalies

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We have been receiving a multitude of reports regarding changes in cash, kills, deaths and whatever else for a lot of our players.

As it is quite complicating to keep track of anything serious in our shit-post ridden #vcmp channel, please address all your account-related complaints here and we will try to settle them as soon as possible.

Please give us as much information to the prior (original) state of your account as possible. (Nickname/cash before (specific amount if possible, approximate if not)/stats before (specific parameters if possible, approximate if not)

I used to play with the nick "FoxyHH". Three weeks before, I opened my game as usual and I found that I was logged into someone else's account. Suddenly, I posted about this discord and no one replied so I continued playing in that account. That account had 29m in the bank and 200k something in the hand and stats like 37k kills and 17k deaths somewhat. After two days as usual I opened my game and again I was logged into someone else's account which I have been playing now. I again asked help in discord and I think krystianoo told me that, there is some problem on database and management team is working on it. Till now, my account is not recovered. This account has 5.2m in bank and it had 150k in hand. Now I earned few more cash. I don't know whose account is that. My account has a stats of 11482Kills and 3302Deaths with the ratio of 3.28 something and I had 1.95m something in bank and 350k in hand. I also own a hydra in my account.

Thread cleaned. All the unrelated posts are removed.

Ahmed, don't go off-topic else you will be forum banned.

Is it possible to transfer my stuff from my old account (no_mercy) to the current one (BanJack) ?


--- Quote from: BanJack on February 08, 2020, 11:05:23 AM ---Is it possible to transfer my stuff from my old account (no_mercy) to the current one (BanJack) ?

--- End quote ---

I think yes, not very sure though. For that, you can contact any manager or commence a new topic in "Help Desk". This topic is for those who lost their statistics or any other account related issues faced after recent shut down.


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