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littlewhitey's SA-MP Server54.38.156.202:777

littlewhitey's Las Venturas DeathMatch is a new gamemode based off the idea's of jax's original LVDM, Sintax's LVDM+MG~LG, the SA:MP community and of course the scripters.Although the gamemode is quite complex, the scripters have tried to make it quite simple to get into and have fun. The basic idea is to choose an identity from more than 250 skins, spawn with $500 pocket money and a Desert Eagle, then earn more money by gambling, killing people, purchasing properties and holding the pirate ship. There are other features in the gamemode such as gangs. Gangs are an optional extra that allow users to work with others to help earn money, take over territory and do whatever-the-hell else you choose to do. The gamemode allows quite a lot of freedom. You are not forced to play in gangs. You are not forced to fight. Therefore if you choose to you can just freeroam with a bunch of friends. If you're interested in SA:MP or just looking to learn more about Littlewhitey's, have a look at the following short video.
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What is the adminroof?
The adminroof is a roof located on a building just off the strip which contains special black vehicles, these include infernuses, NRG-500s and helicopters. Players that are not administrators will find that they cannot use these vehicles as they are locked. However as you may have assumed administrators may be able to use these vehicles as a tool for getting around faster. Also, visiting this area will most likely result in you being killed by an admin.

How Can I become an Admin or Moderator?
Admins and mods are chosen by management and the team of admins. Do not ask to be one! If you would like to be one play frequently, be on your best behavior, and always follow the rules. If we see certain members we think are worthy we will put them under consideration and then possibly allow them to become an admin.

How do admins detect fishers?
There are a range of techniques and tools that an admin may use to identify a fisher, but as another technique players will not get to know the tools used to identify the fishers.

How can I contact an administrator?
The report system sends a direct message to any administrator or moderator logged into the server, you may use this to communicate when an admin prompts you to do so. Abuse of this feature will get you warned and kicked, continued abuse could lead to ban. You can use the report system by typing '/report ID reason' directly into the chat box.

How long do money and weapons save for?
If you have registered an account, any money in your bank will stay until you spend it. Also, weapons (bought at ammunation) and money are saved for short periods of time. This feature is for just in-case you have an unexpected crash or freeze or need to restart the game because of other reasons.

Why do people spawn with weapons?
By going to Ammunation you can buy weapons that stay with you throughout your playing session even when you die.

How can I earn money?
You can earn money by killing other players and robbing their money, by buying properties, gambling and/or by staying on the Pirate Ship on the strip as long as you can. All players start with $500 pocket money.

How do properties work?
After buying a property, no-one can buy it from you before you get your first payment. This will happen in roughly 3 minutes after you purchase it. When you sell the property with /sell or it is bought off you, you will get the price of the property given back. When you leave you will get the price of the property given back to you, this is money is stored only temporarily though (for crash saving) so if you're registered you should bank the cash that's temporarily saved for you. Currently properties will not make you lose money, unless you leave and don't come back to collect the temporarily saved cash.

Why can't I create a gang?
Chances are the gang limit has been reached. The server allows up to 16 gangs at one time - try joining another gang.

Why can't I join a gang I've been invited to?
Gangs have a limit of members. Currently that limit is 32 members, if you have an invite then wait until a member of that gang has left.

How can I take a territory?
First of all you [must be in a gang and there must be at least 2 of your gang members in the turf. You must kill as many people in the territorry as you can, specifically targetting the current gang which holds the turf.

Echo: #lw.echo on
Chat: #lw on

Client: 0.3.7
Gamemode: LW_LVDM v2.9.3 

Server :

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