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Dear players,

We wish to inform you of some changes coming to the server in the near future.


Tomorrow some major changes will be taking place in regards to the backend configuration of Littlewhitey's vc-mp server. The server will be offline at 20:00 CET (Central European Time) for an extended period. We expect that the server will be back online up and running within 3 hours (23:00 CET). During this time we ask that you please be patient as our server host engineers are working to bring it back up smoothly and as soon as possible.

How does this change effect you as the player?

The Littlewhitey staff thrive to bring a gameplay experience and environment that is fun and free for all to enjoy. As part of our committment to this goal we have been undertaking analytics on the server now for an extended period of time. Since July 2015 we have gathered a large amount of information from players on the server. Our demographics in terms of geographical location show that the majority of our most active and player base are from the Middle East namely such as Pakistan.

In order to target the majority of our audience player base on the server the team at Littlewhitey's have decided that in order to appeal to the wider audience we have decided that it is would be most beneficial for us to migrate the Littlewhitey vc-mp server from it's current European location (France) to a geographical location in the middle east (Pakistan).

What does this mean?

This means that the European server will cease to exist for the foreseeable future. Instead, our server will now be located in Karachi, Pakistan. As a player from Pakistan this means that you should now see drastic ping decreases. It is estimated that those with a ping of 200ms should now see a drop to roughly 50-70ms or even lower.

For the players in South America, we expect that this result may have a negative impact. South American players with pings that are currently 300 should expect a 200ms increase to 500ms. However, do not fear! in order to adjust to the changes we have lifted our current ping limit from 500ms to 800ms! This also applies to European players who should expect an increase in ping. On the otherhand, we are introducing an average FPS limit back into our server. The average minimum fps that a player must maintain is 15 fps or above. If a player does not meet this they will be kicked from the server. We are confident that many players will not have such problems.

We have discussed this time and time again and we have always came to the conclusion that our solution is the most feasible solution to meeting our goal of providing a great server and game experience for all.

Please note: When the new server comes back online you will have to remove the current server address from your favourites list and add the new Pakistan IP address which will be provided at a later time once our host in Pakistan has been fully configured and we are confident that we have successfully migrated all of our server data.

Thank you for your time,

- Littlewhitey Staff

Update: Well, it seems like we have a bit of a problem folks...

We hired an engineer (Nuredhin) to travel to Karachi, Pakistan and set up the box for us. However... it seems as though somewhere along the way there was a bit of a mix up at the airport. We dropped Nuredhin off earlier today at the airport to check-in the server box as part of 'fragile luggage'. Upon arriving at Jinnah International Airport, Karachi, Pakistan we have been no longer able to track our server and we don't know where it's gone folks. All we know is that it has been misplaced somewhere by airport staff, for all we know it could be away off to Islamabad in the back of an old van by now. Airport staff have spent hours wandering around looking like buffoons trying to track our server but with no luck they called quits and gave us their sincerest of 'apologies' and humble greetings. I'm sorry folks, it's gone, it's dust in the wind now, there's nothing more we can do. Therefore the server will remain located in France for the time being. We were hoping that April would be a new month for Littlewhitey's but it turns out we just turned out to look like a bunch of Fools after this incident.

If anyone finds our lost server floating around Pakistan please kindly return it to the address Littlewhiteyâ„¢ Central Headquarters, Suite 4, 23 King Street, London, SW1Y 6QY. If you do happen to stumble upon our server please do not access it's contents. Their is a bunch of sensitive information on the box ranging from scripts, user passwords and Darfy's goat photo-op collection. Again, we really do apologize for any disappointment, inconvenience and distress caused.
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Bump for another update on the situation.