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Hello all players!

Today myself and Darfy wish to announce an important change to one of the current rules on the server which is "Spawn Camping". The definition for this which exists on the rules is as follows:

Spawn Camping
Players who intentionally wait at spawn points to kill spawning players will be issued a warning for spawn camping. Any further attempts may result in a kick or a temp ban. However, in large scale situations where there is a lot of player activity this can be sometimes ignored as it's not always possible in such chaotic situations to monitor this.

Through out the list of reports we get on a daily basis from players in game and on forum is related to spawn camping. Many times handling these reports isn't just a simple yes or no answer. Many different factors come into play making this rule one of the most difficult to monitor and enforce on the server. For example, many times this has came up is the yellow spawn area.  Often in game there are a number of reports from this area of spawn camping occurring and this is often where the larger scale battles occur on the server.

Teams such as the Tommy gang (blue), Undercover Police (yellow), Office ladies (Red) and Army (Green) congregate around this area for large battles with blue coming from mansion, red from docks, army on the roofs and sometimes other skins here too. More often than not, due to this large volume of players, a lot of action occurs in a short period of time i.e players are firing at each other, taking cover, running from A to B, vehicles blowing up etc. On top of this it is a wide open area which makes firing from a distance very easy. There are a huge number of "spawn camp" reports being made when the area is like this. It is not possible to fully restrict players to playing in certain areas of the map. We can't just automatically move everyone away from a certain part of the map and allow players the space to spawn and move away.

Another place where this same problem of reports seems to occur is in the downtown area. In the downtown area there are 3 major teams constantly battling as they spawn so close to each other at times this means that you can have e.g the whores (green), bikers (purple) and cops (grey) having a battle with each other at the middle meeting point which is usually near the fire station. During this time there are also a large number of reports about spawn camping yet this is due to their being larger scale battles going on.

The same thing also can be applied to the mansion, there have been a number of reports made by players of the blue team accusing others of spawn camping simply because they were hiding in the stairway entrance to the mansion. 

Due to the difficult and conception of what is and what isn't spawn camping being so difficult to monitor the management have decided to abolish this rule for the time being. We believe that the spawn killing rule should at least prevent problems and at least allow the player to move off the spawn spot and have a fighting chance against the intruders in their vicinity.

If the problem is that you are outnumbered as you spawn due to it being a 3v1 situation then this is simply a team balance issue. Either, re spawn and try to kill them again or pick another team with more active team mates. You may have noticed that a number of skins positions have been slightly re-adjusted. This was done in an effort to prevent spawn killing which should allow for the teams with multiple skins to spawn in a different area in hopes of mitigating spawn killing for repeating offenders.

Red lady dress spawned on the boat and now spawns in the boathouse.
Sharks #2 spawned inside the Sharks hideout and now spawns outside of the Sharks hideout.
Undercover cop #2 spawned at the front of the police station in Havana and now spawns behind the building.
Pink team lady spawned on the jetty at the light house but now spawns outside of the lighthouse.

TL;DR - Spawn camping rule has been removed but spawn killing rule still applies.
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