Author Topic: Banned while playing on a phone [SOLVED]  (Read 3742 times)

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Banned while playing on a phone [SOLVED]
« on: June 26, 2022, 10:44:42 PM »
i was playing with my friends till the server suddenly bans me automatically idk why though , can you unban me please ?
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Re: Banned while playing on a phone
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2023, 04:57:12 PM »

As it has been over 17 months since the ban was issued on your account, on behalf of LW's SA:MP Staff, I would like to apologize for no response that you've been waiting for so eagerly. This should've been handled much sooner, but due to a variety of different circumstances it has come to this, unfortunately.

However, I must note that playing GTA:SA on a phone or similar devices is strictly forbidden on littlewhitey's SA:MP server, thus making it a punishable offense. Thus far, we haven't allowed our players to play the game by mobile devices as it proved to be quite advantageous and superior to other users. Precisely, mobile version of the game configures your aim by default, which means it switches to autoaim for player to be able to hit someone. Given the specifics of mobile version, without option to aim automatically it's almost impossible to be involved in any type of deathmatch, and littlewhitey's is, as you may know, mostly a deathmatch/freeroam kind of server. Autoaim is considered one of cheats, among many other cheats players have been using ridiculously over the years. In any other case, normal (regular) method of aiming guns is applied as it doesn't break server rules.

Quite unfair, right? To prevent the worst case scenario from occurring (being banned for life on this server), if you haven't done it yet, I advise you to delete GTA:SA from your cellphone and start to use PC version by acquiring a clean copy of the game instead. All of us play the game on PC, so should you as well (if you like the community and respect your peers here). We encourage fair play, so playing by the rules is the only way possible to stay on littlewhitey's and rightfully enjoy its features and perks.

I sincerely hope you have a PC next to you which will be put to a great use in the future. :)

You have been unbanned. You're free to explore the server at will, play and have a good time during the process.

Solved and locked.
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