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Support Q&A | Read Before Posting!
« on: May 02, 2015, 01:49:53 AM »

Q: How can I change my nickname?
A: Goto and login, click on your name in the top right corner and click Update Profile, scroll down to In-game Name and fill in the box and wait for the nickname to be approved by a PAC admin.
NOTICE: If you do not use PAC to change your nickname and instead create a second account we will NOT be able to help you transfer money, stats or vehicles.

Q: How can I get my lost or forgotten password back?
A: Visit and follow the on-screen instructions to recover your password.

Q: Where can I find my PAC verification code?
A: The verification code will be sent to the email that you used when creating your account. If it is not in the inbox then make sure to check the junk folder. You did register with a valid e-mail address, right?

Q: What should I do if I believe my account has been hacked?
A: You should change your password immediately and contact an administrator either on the forum, on IRC or in-game. 


Q: How can I get my money back if I have lost it because of a bug?
A: If this happens please make a topic and an admin will assist you with returning your lost money. However we will not be able to return your stats.
Cause: Sometimes you may lose some of your money and stats if you timeout without banking your cash or if the server crashes and the database didn't update before the crash.

Q: Where can I report a bug I have found in the server?
A: You can post any bugs you find in this board:,93.0.html.


Q: How can I increase the font size of the chat in-game?
A1: You can do this by editing the file vcmp_config.txt which can be found in the directory for VC-MP/VC and editing the line con_fontscale and changing the value. (default is 1)
A2: By typing /setconfig con_fontscale <value> in-game. The value would be the size you want the font to be for example /setconfig con_fontscale 3 would set the font size to 3.


Q: Where can I report cheaters?
A: You can report cheaters by creating a new topic here:,155.0.html

Q: How can I donate to the server?
A: You can donate by visiting and clicking donate at the top.
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