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Banned for Ban Evading
« on: June 16, 2022, 08:47:28 PM »
Nick used whilst ingame:Son_Of_Jah
Time and Date that you were banned:Today an hour ago
Suspected Reason (if any):Ban Evasion(I was not aware of my ban)
IP Address:
PAC ID:idk
Admin that banned you (if known):Grizzy
Extra notes:Okay so I was offline banned by Grizzy cause when I was playing the game I was not banned while ig it never came up on my screen maybe he checked on IRC related to spamming and banned me. So here is my saying. I am a working guy, I connected vcmp while in office and had a confrontation with a long time enemy arham he kept on abusing me and I kept on abusing him as well I might have done a little bit of spamming to abuse him but the spam was never in a second but it was the same sentence every 90-120 seconds I killed arham, I believe spam is something when you repeate the same sentence multiple times in a given 10-30 seconds, You guys can check the IRC Logs I did wrote the msgs every time arham died or I killed him and I was to lazy to retype the sentence so I repetead the sentence every time I killed him but that there was a time difference in that spam thing. That sentence was *ARham Mom got raped* after killing The duration of the spam was 1 minute difference every time I believe.  Ok so he banned me for spamming but I was not aware of the ban untill I got banned for ban evading. I turned off my office pc and left home ( I was not b anned til lthen) As I was not aware of my ban and as a regular player in night I connected to my home laptop and started playing and having fun then suddenly a message popped up that you are banned from the server by Grizzy Reason given was Ban Evade. Okay so if he banned while Offline ban then its too cheap and foolish from Grizzy to ban me without even giving me a warning that i did a ban evade and doing a direct ban cause my UID AND IP CHANGED CAUSE I CONNECTED FROM HOME LAPTOP AND I WAS NOT AWARE OF MY BAN AS IT WAS AN OFFLINE BAN I WAS NEVER BANNED ONLINE SO I WAS NOT KNOWING. I have 2 UID and 2 IPS One from Office One froom Home, He offline banned my UID,IP FROM OFFICE(OFfline) and then without giving me any warnings he banned me for ban evadings. I am no one to interefere on your staff team or your admin teams working but I would like to tell you one thing VCMP is dying and Grizzy bieng to rude as an admin and banning people without giving them even a warning will make the playerbase to low. Also I wanted to appeal grizzy on discord on microphone which he totally denied. Admins are meant to be professional and discord appeal should also be spoken incase appealer wants to appeal. I was in middle of fight and kept on abusing me (Arham) while fighting  yellows which were many I re sent the msg every 90 seconds which  I don't think is a spam because it was not possivle for me to type msgs while in between the fight. Also regarding ban evade which I was nor aware many admins were also online when I was playing no one asked me to quit or told me that I am ban evading
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Re: Banned for Ban Evading
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2022, 03:35:30 AM »
1. There is no such system as "unban appeal on Discord" and we only handle unban appeal on this forum.

2. I'm not interested in having a voice call with you, neither am I obligated to do so.

3. I don't see me being rude to anyone in server, infact I give chances to people who are new and make them understand what the rule is and how it works.

4. I don't know any of your personal life stuff (office PC, home laptop) I simply saw the UID and IP changed and it resulted in your ban.

You are none less than a nuisance so try not to give victim card a go.

Unbanned you, let me know if you have any problems joining the server.