Author Topic: *** Forum Rules, READ BEFORE POSTING!!! ***  (Read 32738 times)

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*** Forum Rules, READ BEFORE POSTING!!! ***
« on: December 17, 2007, 11:48:48 AM »
Forum rules, we urge all users to read rules, before posting on our forum.

1) We won't tolerate vulgar posts in any language, excessive advertisements, pornography, racism, xenophobic comments, any religious discussion of any kind, links to illegal content, downloads, flaming or spam.

2) Please make sure your post is on topic. Before you start posting read posts above. Before you start a topic, make sure it has not been answered yet; otherwise your topic will be deleted. Please try to not go on off topic, if you do your posts will be most likely deleted.

3) Behave yourself, don't be arrogant. If you have a feeling someone is bothering you, don't hesitate to contact an administrator.

4) Messages that seem inappropriate for these forums, such as a simple "lol", or just using a quote, which are in our opinion classified as spam, will be deleted.

5) Posts may only be made in English except the multi-language board.

6) No posting pictures of people other than yourself with or without their consent.

7) If you have a problem with someone contact them or a staff member in private, going over the forum posting accusations, especially with no hard evidence to back it up, will get you in trouble, not them.  This extends to people not a member of this forum.

8) No religious debates of any kind. This includes making jokes of people's beliefs. Wishing each other a happy holiday is, nevertheless, allowed.

We reserve the right to edit/delete posts which contradict the rules. Breaking the rules may lead to your ban or other restrictions! Management reserves right to modify these rules without notice at any time.

Signature Rules

1) Your signature might be up to 200px height.

2) The file size of all used files (e.g.animated gifs) needs to be below 350 kb.

Thank you and have fun.
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Re: *** Forum Rules, READ BEFORE POSTING!!! ***
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2016, 04:29:10 PM »

Posts may only be made in English except the multi-language board.

Please be free to use it:
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